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Learn about us at Louisville Dental Implants

Louisville Dental Implants was founded with one goal in mind: to be Louisville’s premier office dedicated to dental implantology.

Founder Dr. Eric Nunnally is a fellow of the nation’s first implant institute, the Midwest Implant Institute, where he now helps lecture. He is certified by the nation’s largest dental manufacturer to train dentists in implants and other aspects of dentistry. Regularly published in journals, Dr. Eric has been invited to train dentists in implantology nationally and around the world.

Dental implantology requires a highly skilled diagnosis, surgical skills, and knowledge of periodontics and prosthetics. It is important that a dental implantologist is both highly trained and dedicated to a great deal of continuing education in order to stay at the forefront of implant knowledge.

A successful dental implant requires incorporating the right technologies and tools, like 3D cone beam radiography, quality dental implants, and implant placing equipment. It requires sophisticated techniques and products, like sterile surgical fields and advanced PRP and L-PRF platelet therapy. It also requires advanced methods for promoting a patient’s post-operative healing and quick recovery.

Because LDI provides such advanced knowledge, technology, and techniques, we are able to place and restore dental implants at the highest level possible, providing patients superior dental implant results.

Dental implants are meant to last a very long time. It is crucial that your implant work be done in a superior way that ensures the best results for decades to come.

As Louisville’s premier dental implantology practice, we are dedicated to ensuring those results.

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